Librarians - Flynn ~beige complex~


Does anybody have an account @ POTTERMORE? :):) Are you an active user? And do you like it? :D

The Sorting Hat sorted me into Gryffindor, lol :) I passed forst book in about 2h and I thought I need something to do to go to the 2nd book, only later I've checked that next part will be released after the House Cup will be inaugurated. So we need to wait... It was so much fun playing this :D And maybe to you want to duel me (well, I've never duelled with anyone so I don't even know what will we need to do xd)? I want to help Gryffindor to win :D Also, if you want to be my friend, go HEREEE :):):)
Librarians - Flynn ~beige complex~

Peace & love ^^

Today I give you some others pictures. CSI is the main but not only :D

SPOILER Soon I upload actors and actress not only from movie xD

Enjoy :)

CSI [1-29]
Harry Potter [30-40]
Others :D [41-52]

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