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29 July 2012 @ 03:48 pm
Pleaseee! :)  
Hello everybody! :)
I want to ask you something...
I've lived for more than year with more than 15 userpics and now when it expired I feel like I don't have something... If you would be so kind... The lowest peroid would be fine. I can give it back to you when I will have money on my bank account... Or do everything! Any graphics, layout (maybe)... Please *puppy eyes begging* :):):):):)
Fridde: (vampire) - a song to break your heart.monstersinyou on July 29th, 2012 04:21 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to six months paid account with 30 userpics (and the ones you get for loyalty). ;)
Lady_Kingsley: TVD - Damon ♥lady_kingsley on July 29th, 2012 07:03 pm (UTC)
Uhm, Oh. Wow, WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! :):):):):):)
Thank you, thank you, thank you *hugs* xd
Fridde: (cm) - i shot for the sky.monstersinyou on July 29th, 2012 09:13 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, dear. :)