July 10th, 2013

Librarians - Flynn ~beige complex~

double, triple, multiple f*ck

My laptop has officially broke down. Officially, because from 2-3 months he was a bit slower. But now it started to drive me crazy. From yesterday I tried to open it about 100 times (yeah, ONE HUNDERT) and I only opened it maybe 5 times. It has black screen or it froze when I write a password or at any other time. So that means I dont have a possibility to do anything on internet (I'm writing from my phone) or in PS :'(


Also I really want to apologize for my absence from my personal stuff. Finals didn't come as good as I was expected, now I have a huuuuuge renovation at home which will end at the end of the summer (in the best option)... And I didn't have much time... I don't have an opttion to post pool but if you still want to be my friend, just say hi or something because I'll be making friends cut when I'll have a possibility.


And I apology for any double letters in the post, my keyboard (in the phone, I don't know if it's the right name for it ;p) is crazy sometimes :D