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double, triple, multiple f*ck

My laptop has officially broke down. Officially, because from 2-3 months he was a bit slower. But now it started to drive me crazy. From yesterday I tried to open it about 100 times (yeah, ONE HUNDERT) and I only opened it maybe 5 times. It has black screen or it froze when I write a password or at any other time. So that means I dont have a possibility to do anything on internet (I'm writing from my phone) or in PS :'(


Also I really want to apologize for my absence from my personal stuff. Finals didn't come as good as I was expected, now I have a huuuuuge renovation at home which will end at the end of the summer (in the best option)... And I didn't have much time... I don't have an opttion to post pool but if you still want to be my friend, just say hi or something because I'll be making friends cut when I'll have a possibility.


And I apology for any double letters in the post, my keyboard (in the phone, I don't know if it's the right name for it ;p) is crazy sometimes :D

Librarians - Flynn ~beige complex~

Just. Wow.

I just have watched Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America and Avengers. And I'm just, wow... Can you tell where to find site with zip/rar with good screencaps of CA?

And now I have a crush into Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America. ^^ But Tony Stark isn't bad either haha XD Also I don't know, but I thought that Loki is a positive character -__-.
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Happy X-mas

For this Christmas time, I wish all of you amazing time in the circle of the family, beautiful white snow all over the neighbour, great presents, and having every dream come true in next year!

Happy Christmas!!!

CSI - Gill Grissom


Sorry guys for not entering for such long time! I had crazy time, my resit exams has been started yesterday and will finish 20.09.

And I can say I f**ked up yesterday's exam, programming in C++. They gave us imo too difficult tasks, we had to think very hard to make them, but 18 people passed (from 48 people). Now I should learn for Circuits Theory but I'm just too tired of this everything. And I can't fail any other exams because otherwise I must pass everything in next year (but my mom said if I don't pass everything, I must quit uni and go to work). I really like this spetialisation, the people there and I want to continue this!

So only I can say is this:

But for changing my fatal mood, I dyed my hair! I had light bronze hair and now I have really dark 'bitter chocolate' ;) When I'll have some pics, I'll post them maybe xd

Also, I was wondering about making Friends Cut. Right now, I'm talking to maybe 10-15 people here right now, the rest added me and never say again anything. If you still want to be my friend, comment here :)
Librarians - Flynn ~beige complex~

Pleaseee! :)

Hello everybody! :)
I want to ask you something...
I've lived for more than year with more than 15 userpics and now when it expired I feel like I don't have something... If you would be so kind... The lowest peroid would be fine. I can give it back to you when I will have money on my bank account... Or do everything! Any graphics, layout (maybe)... Please *puppy eyes begging* :):):):):)